KompoZer boycotted percentage image proportions, missing selection "none"

Bee An image with width in percentage (for example 80%)
<img style="width: 80%;" src="..
is defined by KompoZer automatically
with the original  image pixels height

<img style="width: 80%; height: 716px;" src="..
with the result of incorrect images:

with the result

It lacks the checkbox 'none' in the properties
Bee When trying to change image width,
by use of the rectangle,
from the selected image:

KompoZer change  the old percentage dimensions
of the image to pixels

<img style="width: 198px; height: 129px;" src="..

Bee desired would be
to adjust only the percentage value in the width
and the height to be empty.
for example to 90%

<img style="width: 90%;" src="..

- www.herr-k.de/KompoZe